Oldest Oil Paintings of the World in Afghanistan
Admin 06 November, 2023

Oldest Oil Paintings of the World in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has become the epicentre of curiosity for historians and art enthusiasts all over the world due to cave paintings and other discoveries. There is worldwide demand for Afghani paintings.

Paintings and sculptures have been cherished as a time-honoured tradition all over the world. In the past, people would sculpt or paint to demonstrate their liking and the intricacies of relationships and life. While the world has advanced with the internet to digital paintings by giving a modern touch, those paintings still hold value.

The truth is, today, old paintings have become highly valuable and antique, and you will be surprised to know that Afghanistan carries the oldest oil paintings. If you, too, are an art enthusiast, you can send money to Afghanistan from the UK to buy the country's paintings.

Let's explore how Afghanistan's oil paintings stand out!

Afghanistan Caves - A Wealth of Resources

The Afghans of yesteryears and others living in the country have created various paintings in different caves of the country. The caves of Bamiyan hold a special place in this regard. The caves are known for their Buddhist sculptures and oil paintings, which are a combination of Buddhist art and Gupta art from India. The paintings are of extremely high value. Not only that, researchers are still exploring those paintings to learn more about the country and the people of that age.

Although Afghanistan is believed to be an undeveloped nation, it has a rich culture and diverse traditions. Afghans migrate to developed nations to make a better living for themselves and send money to Kabul, but they don't forget the beauty of their culture. The historical aura sense of the Afghani people is really praiseworthy. This is why the elite class of the developed nations are interested in Afghanistan's art and heritage.

Why Are Afghanistan's Oil Paintings Unique?

It was in the 13th century when Europeans started using oil for their paintings. However, as per historical data, Afghans started using oil paintings in the 7th century, which showcases how ancient the culture of oil painting in Afghanistan really is.

Some experts think that those paintings reveal the early intelligence of Afghans. It also lights up the belief that people of that age might have made some surprising inventions or discoveries that are still unknown but may be highly useful to modern society. Afghan art is still something that researchers are very much focused on.

Key Takeaway

Afghanistan has become the epicentre of curiosity for historians and art enthusiasts all over the world due to cave paintings and other discoveries. The demand for Afghan paintings and other art pieces is growing worldwide, especially in the UK, where thousands of Afghans travel every year to make a living.

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