Best things to shop in Afghanistan
Admin 04 July, 2023

Best things to shop in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country that has a great history and a very rich culture. When you do a money transfer to Afghanistan in order to visit the country, one of the reasons is that you may want to go shopping. And as you can imagine, there are many beautiful things that a person can be excited to shop for in Afghanistan. There are a plethora of cool items, and at the same time they can be your memento from your time there. Here are some of the things to shop for.

1. Afghan Carpets

When you send money to Afghanistan from the UK, a good thing that you can buy would be afghan carpets. These carpets are incredible because they come with an outstanding design. There are craftsmen here that work on carpets for a long time. Everything is hand woven, which further adds to the quality and unique appeal of these carpets.

On top of that, carpets can have a variety of motifs. In fact, getting carpets from Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif or Herat is popular because their quality is widely known all over the world. These can be a stunning home decor piece, and you will find them to be downright incredible. People love carpets from Afghanistan. If you want to gift the carpet to your loved one staying in Afghanistan. You can make money transfer to Afghanistan Peckham. It really is something unique gift, and the quality is second to none. Plus, it is worth of money.

2. Afghan Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are also handcrafted in Afghanistan. In fact, the country itself has a very rich history in the field of jewelry making and that's what makes this such an incredible and unique option to focus on. You will notice that Afghanistan based jewelry has gemstones, gold, silver and these pieces can be very exquisite. That's what makes it such a great option, because it adds an incredible style and rewarding value. If you are getting ready for any special event, just match the jewelry with your outfit and you are all set for the occasion. In some cases you can go for turquoise, lapis lazuli and other semi-precious stones too.

3. Afghan Clothing and Textiles

You can't go to Afghanistan without considering textiles. You can send money to Kabul for buying some amazing textiles and clothing pieces for you. There are some traditional pieces like the woven scarves or the embroidered dresses that really set the tone when it comes to quality and value.

It's a nice way to represent and appreciate the Afghan culture, not to mention you have plenty of patterns and colors to work with too. Another interesting thing about clothing made in Afghanistan is that most textiles are very soft and easy to wear. It's a delight to buy such clothing pieces, and you are bound to have a very good time. That's what makes them an excellent purchase no matter the situation.

4. Afghan Handicrafts

Lastly, when you do a money transfer to Afghanistan, it can also be a great idea to try and enjoy some of the local handycrafts. What's cool about these is they are showing off local art made by some of the top craftsmen here. And that alone is very exciting, because you have items made out of brass, teapots and even pottery.

It's a great idea to send money to Afghanistan from the UK and buy these amazing pieces to support locals. Not only is it a great sign of support, but having the opportunity to access these great products is what helps set it all together. And in the end, you will be extremely happy with the process and experience as a whole. Give them a try and support the locals in your home country!

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