Computer Security Day
Admin 18 November, 2022

Computer Security Day

In response to increasing threats of cyber-attacks, a chapter of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) created Intrnational Computer Security Day to raise public awareness. Every November 30 has been observed as International Computer Security Day since 1988.

It is a well-known fact that viruses and bugs have been around since almost the early days of modern computing. With the evolution of increasingly sophisticated technologies and the advent of newer applications, computer dependency became the norm in banks, government offices and businesses. This widespread use of computers led to increased security risks.

The increase in the volume of important data stored increased the value and volume of information available to hackers leading to extremely high-profile security breaches. Thus, online security attained greater significance as computing and computers kept evolving and hence Intrnational Computer Security Day was created to raise awareness about computer security.

The ideal way to observe Intrnational Computer Security Day would be to ensure your computers, other electronic devices and the data you have in the cloud are all secure. One way of doing that is to ensure that you have secure passwords and update them regularly. This will go a long way in ensuring that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. The best strategy for ensuring a strong password is to mix upper- and lower-case letters with special characters (symbols) and numerals making the password hard to guess and difficult to hack. Also, the longer the password, the greater the difficulty in hacking. Also, never use the same password for multiple online accounts as that will give access to all those accounts if one of them is hacked!

Other ways to celebrate computer security are:

  • Update the spyware and malware on all your electronic devices including smart phones and tablets.
  • If you are running outdated operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista, upgrade – this is an increased vulnerability.
  • Install regular security updates on contemporary operating systems.
  • Encrypt and back up all your files (you can use Google drive or other cloud storage options)

So the major lesson to take home from this blog is that online safety and security are critically important. Remember, you are reading this blog using a smartphone or computer! Please make sure your device is safe. Mine is! No better way to celebrate computer security day than to ensure the safety of your own devices!

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  • Rigorous testing is undertaken every quarter to find any grey areas in the application and rectify if found.

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