Happy Mother’s Day – Send Money to Afghanistan to your Mother
Admin 27 March, 2022

Happy Mother's Day – Send Money to Afghanistan to your Mother

Mother is a universally respected family figure. There is no culture in the world that does not respect the mother. She is ever-loving, caring and an epitome of selflessness. In the mad rush of meeting deadlines and achieving targets in today's result-oriented world, expressing one's love for the mother takes a backseat. Thus, came in the tradition of celebrating Mother's Day; one day in the calendar dedicated to the incarnation of selfless love. This Mother's Day surprise your Mum in Afghanistan with one of the following gifts.

A Crocheted Head Shawl

A handmade crochet shawl covering her head will make your otherwise beautiful mother look glamorous while still staying traditional. She will definitely love and treasure the gift.

Afghan Hound Throw Pillows

If your mother is a dog lover, you can gift her throw pillows declaring love for the graceful pooch.

A Firaq Partug

With its colourful hand woven patterns, a Firaq Partuq will definitely make a Mum's Day. What better way to make her smile and feel pampered and loved than gift her a set of traditional clothing that will enhance her natural beauty and grace?

Transfer Money

With your mother living miles away from you, you have a very distorted version of her financial situation. She may be covering up so as not to stress you. She may have medical needs. The best gift you can give her is the liberty to spend on herself as she pleases and what better way to transfer than through Baaz Money.

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