Why Baaz Money
Admin 28 May, 2022

Why Baaz Money

Afghanistan is facing the greatest cash crunch in history. This, combined with the difficult living conditions in the country has made many citizens resort to immigration in order to be able to earn enough to feed their families.

The United Kingdom has been offering shelter and livelihood to many Afghan citizens for decades and more so in this time of crisis. For those citizens who have families left behind in Afghanistan, being able to support their family financially is the main goal while seeking employment.

Thus, on payday, as soon as salary is credited, the first thought that comes to one’s mind is to send some money home. There are various methods to transfer money across borders. They include:

Bank Transfer: An efficient way to transfer money, a bank transfer enables you to transfer money from your account directly into the beneficiary’s account without having to pay any transaction fees. However, this process can take up to five days to complete. Moreover, any bank transfer to Afghanistan has a high chance of being stuck in the bank account without the beneficiary being able to access it as most banks are short of cash.

Payment through debit cards and credit cards via Small Payment Institutions: While debit card payment is economical compared to credit card payment in terms of transaction fees and service charges, credit cards come handy in times of emergency.

In order to ensure that the money you send back home becomes available for utilisation by the beneficiary, it becomes essential that the beneficiary has access to cash. Foreign currency has also gone out of circulation in Afghanistan and most businesses are resorting to transacting in AFN. In villages along the Pakistan border, the preferred currency for transaction is PKR. The US Dollar is also a very popular currency for transaction throughout the country.

Baaz Money offers its clients easy sign up, quick activation and next day transfer with flexible payout options including cash transaction through payout partners. This way, the money you transfer to your family back home does not get stuck in their bank accounts.

Baaz Money also offers payout in three currencies: PKR, USD and AFN. The Baaz Money mobile app gives you easy access to your account and the facility to transfer money 24*7. You can also access your account via the online platform. We also accept all international credit and debit cards and bank transfers.

The ease of transacting cash coupled with the option of choosing the currency in which to transact makes Baaz Money a reliably safe and secure mode of transfer of funds to Afghanistan.

Also, the exchange rates at Baaz Money are at par with international rates coupled with zero transaction fees. Register now to have a hassle-free and absolutely free transaction experience.